Once upon a time..., somewhere in Hungary in the end of the year of 1955


I was born into a family of workers in Budapest (capitol of Hungary) in 19 December 1955, just one year before the famous revolution of Hungary against occupation of the Soviet. I came into the world as a second (and last) child of my parents (my lovely Mum: Erzsébet Ibolya MOLNÁR, and my Dad: János SZABÓ).

Together with my sister  (Katalin) in the kindergarten

I remember that in that time I had no ambition to be a policeman, firemen, soldier, astronaut, famous actor or millionaire as many children would like to be. All I wanted to be happy, and playing as much as possible. Then I was growing up...........


Here are some snapshots from Budapest from that time:


     The Kossuth bridge across the River Danube                          Budapest West railway station
               to the Houses of Parliament


A typical Sunday afternoon somewhere in Budapest                              Public traffic

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